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If your business is in the business of building concrete tilt panels, either in a yard or on site, then look no further. DBF Prophire has all the solutions under one roof. At DBF Prophire we are in the business of helping our clients in the production and erection of tilt up panels. If you are looking for consumables to prepare your panels and the products to shape them and then the products to stand them we are the supplier that can do the lot from one location. Working closely as a supplier partner with Reids Construction Systems, we can offer you a comprehensive range of products and even have Reid Construction Systems help with designs and engineering.

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Product Range

  • Tilt Panel Props
  • Concrete Ferrules
  • Edge Lifters
  • Face Lifters
  • Bond Breaker
  • Mesh Chairs
  • Packing Shims
  • Ant Caps
  • Nailplates
  • Burke Bars
  • Hi Tensile Bolts
  • Propping Anchors
  • Dowl Pockets
  • Grout
  • Filler
  • Mock Joint
  • Aluminium Edge Form
  • Cast In Plates
  • Edge Form Brackets
  • Patching Compounds

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